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“Discover The Secrets to Repainting Dolls With These Amazing Step-by-Step Tutorials from The BEST Repaint Artists on The


You’ll Create Dynamic, Mind-Blowing Repaints Using These Guides

“This Book is a Must Have!”

It’s a great read, easy to follow, and teaches you simply how to repaint, customize and save your favorite dolls. This will remain one of my top books for reference on my doll venture's.

Jason White, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005365127646

“This Is a Perfect Starter Guide to Anyone Who is an Aspiring Doll Artist”

I read the book and wow, what wonderful contributing artists!  As a doll artist, myself, there are many tips and tricks I would have loved to have know when I started. There are a few new ones that I can't wait to try! I will reiterate one common theme: Just do it!  You have to start somewhere, and this is a wonderful guide! Andrea Collum, https://www.facebook.com/andrea.collum

“Seriously, From a 1-10 Scale I give this book a TEN!”

I personally began repainting doll faces around 2007 or 2008. I’ve been consistent throughout the years and have been selling my dolls on eBay. Although I mostly do re-roots now, I still do facial repaints when time allows it. I love the transformation process!

With all these talented artists all together in one place, I devoured “OOAK Secrets” in two days! I couldn’t stop reading and pulling out old dolls that I’m planning to try some of these techniques on. It’s wonderfully detailed. A lot more pictures than the first version and I really enjoyed it!

This is very educational and I found so many things that I wish I had learned when I began repainting in 2008. There wasn’t really a variety of information on the internet when I started and this has everything in one place which is very helpful!

I also love that there are different contributing artists to show that there is more than one way to achieve a result with dolls and you can try different things as shown and see what works best for you. This is a great resource and place to start if you’re a beginner and I wish I had found it when I was first starting out as a doll artist.

The techniques that I found most helpful were relating to protecting the doll you may be working with which is important to think about in the long run. There were a lot of things to be cautious of that beginners may not think about.

Mindy (Doll Fixation)

Blog (Updated Weekly): www.dolls-in-reverse.tumblr.com

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Dear Beginner Customizer,

I thought repainting was only for talented artists and quit before even starting. Over time,  I started to see how repainting is very rewarding because you can design  the doll of your dreams or fix bloopers. So, I decided to give it a try even though there was confusion, frustration, and uncertainty about my abilities.

I figured the best way to learn is from tutorials from experts and experimentation.  I researched information online, but didn’t find anything that resonated. This inspired a successful collaboration of outstanding artists for the creation of the first version of “OOAK Secrets.”

However, while the first version was great, I felt it needed more perspectives to cover the broad spectrum of repainting. There were still questions unanswered, which induced this updated version.  

Think Repainting is Too Hard to Do?

The masters in this updated version of “OOAK Secrets” provide clear, simple, and fun tutorials keeping the beginner repainter in mind. Even experienced repainters can learn something new as evidenced by Cat’s (AKA A Doll’s Affinity to her blog’s audience) review.

“I Have a Repaint Commission Coming Up and The Book Really Helped Build Some Confidence”

The updated book is even fbetter than the first! The tips and instructions found here are invaluable to up and coming doll repaint artists. I learned so much, and cannotwait to applythis new knowledge to future projects! Thank you for putting this amazing gem together! I look forward to your future releases. Cat (A Doll Affinity). Her Blog: http://goo.gl/DvOd7e

“I Appreciate Exact Brand Information!”

I have learned new things to try.  Lucy Gamova’s chapter was my favorite because of the wealth of details.  She tells exactly what she uses to sketch the faces, for instance.  And she mentions the hazards of a commonly used sealer.  Thanks for this book on behalf of all us artists!  

Andrea Meyers, https://www.flickr.com/people/dazi_may/

“The Gurus Featured in OOAK Secrets...”










In 100+ Pages, These Experts Give Tutorials On…

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“The Info On Supplies Saved a Huge Amount of Time and Money for Someone Like Me Just Getting Started in This Hobby.”

The new revised book is GREAT. I think for me one of the best sections is The Asian Eye by Dawn Anderson. I am sure it will help me finally get one right. The tips through out the whole book have helped me no matter what type of doll I am working on. This book I think is a must for anyone getting to this hobby. Mike Kroll, Ebay User ID: Goldenlocxz73 (http://www.ebay.com/usr/goldenlocxz73)

OOAK Secrets Explains So Much and Allows You To Make An Educated Decision on What Techniques You Prefer to Use

I’m very much a beginner and after reviewing this book it has answered a few more of the questions I have had in my mind for quite a while. I just love the fact that you can pull a little bit of the ideas from each of the different artists and use them for what you want to come up with for your own repaint.

I had been trying to read up on the internet about repainting dolls and this book has been great due to having many different artists explain their techniques.  This allows you to get bits and pieces of the different ways the repaint can be done all in one reading.  

I have had questions on why one person may like to use acrylics and why another person may like to use pastels etc...  In this book each artist says why they prefer to do it the way they do it which give me ideas on which way I may want to go with it.  I have bought videos on this and seen where people use the spray sealants but I never got a whole picture of all the reasons of why people choose the different techniques that they use.  This book has helped me see the reasons now.

This book is an EXCELLENT place for a beginner repaint artist to start.  Especially with the detailed step by step instructions by Lucy Gamova and Lulemee. This was extremely helpful since it shows you what to do from beginning to end. I LOVE this book and think it is FANTASTIC!

Debbie, eBay User Id: Moscato123, http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/moscato123

“Now, I Can Repaint Too”

I have been involved with  creative needle  arts in one form or another my entire life beginning with sewing at a young age. About six years ago my grand daughter asked what a rag doll is which got me started making simple rag dolls, evolving into elaborate custom dolls and art teddy bears. From there I discovered ball jointed dolls which led me to repainted dolls.

Fortunately I found  "OOAK Secrets." I compared both the previous and updated version of the books and right away I liked the changes.  The new cover photos are great; shows what to expect inside. Elaborating on your personal experience as the introduction is a nice way to relate to someone's curiosity and fear of repainting. Your story made me feel I can do it.

The additional artist contributions  are great. You did a great job  finding artists with different style of dolls and techniques. Love all the photos! The Bella Swann photos of the steps really helps see what to do. As a beginner, I find this book very helpful in learning the fine art of repainting dolls. It gave me a starting point of first using old dolls to practice on, removing old paint, to finishing off with details.

I appreciated each artist recommendations of what tools and brushes to use, paint that works best, types of acetone they prefer and cautions on safety using acetone. For me, painting eyes on soft sculpted dolls are difficult so I am always looking for other artist's point of view which is a very nice feature in your book: how to paint different eye shapes, achieve the shading, and  symmetry.

How can I choose a favorite artist when each one creates such beautiful doll? I do like Nikki Evans adding air dry clay to the dolls, demonstrating the ability to transform the doll into something new. I am learning how to add paper clay to soft sculpted dolls, of which I have no pictures of my work in progress. I learned a lot from Dawn Anderson about Asian eyes. I thought your doll was beautiful! There is something to learn from each artist.

I really like the new book. I would give your book a top rating of ten stars. You do a nice job of presenting the art of repainting dolls, showing examples and showcasing top artist's beautiful work and ideas. I took my time comparing both books, made notes and gave it much thought, writing and rewriting. I hope this is helpful. Melody Fraser, https://www.facebook.com/melody.fraser1

“This Book Is An Invitation for Those People Who are Dabbling into Repaint And for Those Who Already Dominate This Art”

We, Doll collectors, are like kids spending sometime (less or more) playing dolls. Of course, our games are different of those games we played when we were kids, because back in the day our dolls /toys were our adventure’s partners, ending up usually with a huge damage on it. Specifically, Barbie dolls hair had damaged because of too much brushing, their make-up had faded and sometimes they had a broken neck, among some other body parts.

Meanwhile, doll collectors plays generally with our dolls, making clothes for them, customizing their looks, taking pics of them to share a little part of our collections with other dolls enthusiasts, caring our dolls to suffer the less damage as it possible. Even there are people who get patience enough to give them the look they had originally, or even to create a brand new personalized character from a doll, purchased or not for this target, turning it into a very special and unique piece, a ONE OF A KIND doll.  At this point, people release their creativity and potentiate it.

Among the most important customizations that dolls can be submitted, is repaint, which consist in personalize our doll’s original make-up, or even to create a brand new one. There are a lot of people out there entering in this scope of doll collector’s world, turning into truly repaint artists.

We must consider repaint basically as paint a human face on a 3D canvas, incorporating the “not-so-easy” proportions factor, because generally they work with 12’’ dolls, making  artist’s work more remarkable and detailed.

This book compiles the art of many artists who share their talent and techniques. I think there are still a lot of people who have a bunch of doubts and curiosity about repaint, since they are afraid to ruin a perfect doll, then this book is an invitation for those people who are dabbling into repaint and either for those who already dominates this art, because we must remember, there is all not said yet, and we can learn about each other’s technique.

So, if you have not tried yet, I suggest you to throw away fear, grab a doll, some paints and paintbrushes and set free your creativity.

Pauuss Inni, https://www.facebook.com/the.sour.girl?fref=ts  

“This Book Is The Perfect Place for Beginner Repaint Artists... It Is Full of Tips... All in One Location”

I am a retired Porcelain Doll artist... I have 20+ years of porcelain doll making experience.  Although the medium is different, the supplies are different, the overall technique/style of painting is pretty much the same. I have done a couple of vinyl headed repaints, my main goal is to repaint a few dolls for my own collection and pleasure.  I enjoyed Book 1, and I look forward to applying several of the techniques in Book 2 to my own skills.

Suzanne Simpson, http://www.ebay.com/usr/smalldollys

 “I Would Rate 10 Stars. It is a Very Insightful E-book”

This is an absolutely great place for beginner repaint artists to start! Not just for beginners though. With so many artists showcasing their tips and tricks, I think it’s useful for anyone, regardless of how advance you are in your craft. One can never stop learning and there’s always room for improvement.


I’m close to many of the artists featured in this book. They all have their specific talent and niche. I can usually tell who made a specific repaint just because each artist usually develops a specific style or mood.

I’m hardly a beginner. I don’t have a lot of experience in repainting, just slight enhancements, so tutorials are always very useful and something I’m thankful for. No one is born knowing things.

I would definitely say the repaint tutorials were the best part of the book. They are very detailed and the pictures are extremely helpful. They really go in depth and the step by step pictures can really help someone who has no experience repainting and would like to give it a try.


The e-book is great. It has a lot of information and great tips no matter what aspect of customization you’re thinking about. It is very detailed and the photographs are very helpful with making something out of your project. The artists were very generous in giving insight on their tricks, tips and steps to making a fabulous project.

Salvador LA: Instagram @ SalvadorLA

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